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Diva Outdoor Entertaining Tips

Summer is here (YAY!) and we know all of you will be entertaining fabulous people in the beautiful Jersey Shore weather.  We wanted to hook-up you up with some easy Diva Tips that will make you the Entertaining Diva, and a genius to all of your guests!

  1. Place a few dryer sheets under your table runner. This will help keep the bees away from your food.
  2. Take cute cupcake wrappers and flip them over on top of your drinks to keep pesky bugs out!  Punch a hole through and slip in a decorative straw that matches your color scheme. bugsanddrinksvideohero
  3. Fill a metal tub with frozen water balloons for a fun and cool drink cooler. When the balloons defrost, end your party with a water balloon fight with your guests!                          water balloon tub copy
  4. Don’t let keeping your guests comfortable and protected by the sun be an afterthought.  Place hanging baskets on garden stakes throughout your event so your guests can party comfortably!                                                                                                             bug spray sunscreen copy
  5. Put condiments in muffin tins to make it easier for transporting outdoors and easier for guests to serve themselves.  If you want to get really crafty, decorate your tins to match your party them!                                                                                                                                cookout-hacks-10

We hope these Diva Entertaining Tips make your next party a success and know they will help make you this summer’s Entertaining Diva!  Happy summer and happy entertaining Divas!  Cheers!

The Cleaning Diva